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I’m in love with you. We belong together, you know we do.

Feels. #killianfreya

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Legal Wife (Ending)

  • Me: Magbrown out sana sa buong Pilipinas mamaya kapag Legal Wife na!
  • Mommy: GAGA! Ang sama naman intensyon mo!
  • Scary si mommy! HAHA. Masyadong fan ng TLW. 😂 LOL.

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Hey! You left something in my bed last night. Girlfriend.


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#REDTourMNL: 10 Things You’ll Get Only in a Taylor Swift Concert

MANILA, June 7, 2014 /When in Manila/

When in Manila, there have been many artists who made the concert scene so exciting. The REDTourMNL is only among the many concerts that that Music Management International organized. MMI is also behind bringing the likes of Bruno Mars and One…

well said

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"We can have our hearts broken but that doesn’t mean we have to stop believing in love."

June 6, 2014 - Taylor Swift, RED Tour Live in Manila. No words to explain how lucky we were that day! I told myself that I wasn’t going to cry when I saw Taylor Swift, but getting upgraded from GenAd to VIP, how can you not?! What a Justin-Bieber-Never-Say-Never-Movie moment!

Photos by Alexandra Huang. Shot with a Lumix LX7. 


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I think so much in our lives and who we become , alot of it is determined on what happens to us, in our lives and in our past and how we choose to handle what happens to us. So much in life is out of our control and absolutey terrifying, but we have complete control on how we handle ourselves. We can have our hearts broken and be left out in the cold and all that but it doesn’t have to make us bitter, it doesn’t have to make us stop believing that love can be the only real thing in life. And I guess I’m just thinking out loud here because I’ve had some bad things happen to me in the name of love, I’ve had some good things happen to me in the name of love, but all of them, I remember all too well.

All Too Well Speech (Manila)


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